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General Information

EIS aims at all-round development of children into well disciplined, academically oriented & self-confident individuals who will move on to make a mark in the global society and achieve excellence in all spheres of life. We endeavor to do this by providing a curriculum with a different objective. It balances academics with cultural, physical & mental development. Our attempt is to make the most formative years of our EIS students, a joy to be cherished forever. According to a great educationist Prof. Walter F. Stromer - "I think the greatest gift you can give your child is a zest for living a spirit of wonder and adventure and a confidence that the problems of life can be solved or endured." And we here at school, give our students this gift. We will try to imbibe this spirit in our students. We take a great care of student's mental growth and the abilities which will stand by him when he starts his journey of life.