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Outdoor Games


At Elite International School, we’ve been helping students try new things, learn new skills, and have more fun outside.

Sports are seen as a necessary component for a full and rounded education; students take part in a wide variety of sports for enjoyment, relaxation and physical development but equally as an aid to their educational advancement. NIS trained coaches are available for every sport activity. It is for this reason that school starts with games for one and all.

In sports, Elite International School leaves behind several of its competitors having three Basket Ball court, Volley Ball court, Lawn Tennis court, Badminton court, Race Track, Athletic Ground with facilities like Archery, Discuss Throw, Javelin Throw, Short Put Throw, table-tennis tables and yoga hall that gives children unique choice of enjoying games and sports activities. Technically laid athletic track is a star attraction with football ground.

ELITE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL has the support of a team of professionals. They assist and identify abilities of young children and nurture their skills. Once interests and talents are identified, coaches of national repute will train our students in their chosen sport. The school teams are regularly trained to excel at the state, national and international levels.